Using the [Setup] menu

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 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 


[LCD Display] / [Viewfinder]

Adjust the brightness and coloring of the LCD monitor. When the display is switched to 

Live View Finder (optional), the brightness and coloring of the viewfinder are adjusted. 

Press     to select the setting item, and press     to make 

Press [MENU/SET]


Some subjects may look different from their actual appearance, but the recorded 

picture will not be affected.

[LCD Mode]

Make LCD monitor easier to see.




:  The brightness is adjusted automatically depending on how bright it is around the 



:  Makes screen brighter than normal (for outdoor use).



Cannot select [   ] in playback mode.


[   ] returns to ordinary brightness if there is no operation for 30 seconds when 

recording. (Press any button to make the screen brighter again.)


Because the picture shown on the LCD monitor screen emphasizes brightness, some 

subjects may look different than their actual appearance, but this will not affect the 

recorded picture. 


Setting [LCD Mode] reduces the operating time.