Using the [Setup] menu

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The travel date is calculated from the set departure date and the date set in the 

camera’s clock. When destination is set in [World Time], days elapsed are calculated 

based on local destination time.


When [Travel Setup] is set to [OFF], the number of days elapsed is not recorded. It is 

not displayed even if [Travel Setup] is set to [SET] after recording.


If settings are made before departure date, number of days to departure are not 



To print [Location] or the number of days that have passed, either use [Text Stamp] or 

print using the “PHOTOfunSTUDIO” software on the supplied CD-ROM.


[Travel Date] cannot be recorded for AVCHD motion pictures.


[Destination] cannot be recorded for MP4 motion pictures.

 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 



Change or mute the beep/shutter sounds.



[Beep Level]

 /   /   : High / Low / Mute

[Beep Tone]

 /   /   : Change beep tone.

[Shutter Vol.]

 /   /   : High / Low / Mute

[Shutter Tone]

 /   /   : Change shutter tone.