Setting the clock


Setting the clock

- 23 -


Turn on the power

The power is turned on.

If the language select screen is not 

displayed, proceed to step  .

Press [MENU/SET] while the 

message is displayed
Press     to select the language 

and press [MENU/SET]

The [Please set the clock] message appears.

Press [MENU/SET]
Press     to select the items 

(year, month, day, hour, minute, 

display order or time display 

format), and press     to set
Press [MENU/SET]
Press [MENU/SET] to set

 •To return to the previous screen,  

press [

] button.

The clock is not set when the camera is shipped.

Preparation:  Before using the camera, remove the lens cap.


If the clock is not set, the correct date cannot be printed when you order a photo 

studio to print the picture, or when you stamp the date on the pictures with [Date 

Stamp] or [Text Stamp]. 


If the clock is set, the correct date can be printed even if the date is not displayed on 

the screen of the camera.


] button