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Document Outline Contents Preparations Before use Standard Accessories Names and Functions of Main Parts Attaching the lens cap and shoulder strap Charging battery Remaining battery Guidelines for number of recordable pictures and operating time Inserting and removing the battery or SD memory card (optional) Saving your pictures (cards and built-in memory) Recording capacity guidelines (pictures/recording time) Setting the clock Changing time settings Setting the menu Using the [Setup] menu [Clock Set] [World Time] [Travel Date] [Beep] [Volume] [Cust.Set Mem.] [Fn Button Set] [LCD Display] / [Viewfinder] [LCD Mode] [LVF Disp.Style] / [LCD Disp.Style] [Guide Line] [Histogram] [Video Rec Area] [Remaining Disp.] [Highlight] [Expo.Meter] [Lens Resume] [MF Assist] [Economy] [Play on LCD] [Auto Review] [Start Mode] [No.Reset] [Reset] [USB Mode] [Output] [VIERA Link] [3D Playback] [Rotate Disp.] [Scene Menu] [Menu Resume] [User’s Name Rec] [Version Disp.] [Format] [Language] [Demo Mode] Entering Text Application (Record) Sequence of operations About recording modes Taking pictures with automatic settings  [Intelligent Auto] Mode Automatic Scene Detection Defocusing the background About flash [Color Mode] [Motion Deblur] [iHandheld Nite Shot] [iHDR] AF Tracking [Intelligent Auto Plus] Mode About setting items Taking pictures with your own settings  [Program AE] Mode Program Shift [Program Diagram] Taking pictures by setting the aperture value  [Aperture-Priority] Mode Taking pictures by setting the shutter speed  [Shutter-Priority] Mode Taking pictures by setting the aperture value and shutter speed  [Manual Exposure] Mode Taking pictures by changing the picture effect  [Creative Control] Mode [Expressive] [Retro] [High Key] [Low Key] [Sepia] [Dynamic Monochrome] [Impressive Art] [High Dynamic] [Cross Process] [Toy Effect] [Miniature Effect] [Soft Focus] [Star Filter] [One Point Color] [Smooth Defocus] [Radial Defocus] Taking pictures according to the scene  [Scene Mode] [Portrait] [Soft Skin] [Scenery] [Panorama Shot] [Sports] [Night Portrait] [Night Scenery] [Handheld Night Shot] [HDR] [Food] [Baby] [Pet] [Sunset] [Glass Through] [3D Photo Mode] Recording motion pictures Taking still pictures while a motion picture is being recorded Recording motion pictures with manual operation  [Creative Video Mode] [High Speed Video] Registering your own settings and recording  [Custom] Mode [Cust.Set Mem.] [Custom] Using Zoom Optical Zoom Extended optical zoom [i.Zoom] [Digital Zoom] [Step Zoom] Taking pictures with Auto Focus Taking front-on pictures of people Automatically locking the focus on a moving subject Subject not centered in picture Determined position for focus Using Manual Focus together with Auto Focus Taking close-up pictures Taking pictures by locking the exposure and/or focus Taking pictures with Manual Focus Taking pictures with the built-in flash Changing the setting of the flash Setting the ISO Sensitivity Setting coloring  (White Balance) Setting the White Balance manually Setting the White Balance using color temperature Performing White Balance fine adjustments Bracket recording using White Balance Taking pictures with self-timer Setting the burst function Changing the aspect ratio of the still pictures Automatically changing the aspect ratio while taking pictures [Aspect Bracket] Using the built-in ND filter Compensating the exposure [Auto Bracket] Switching the display of recording information, etc. Using the level gauge Using Quick menu Recording with the Face Recognition function  [Face Recog.] Registering face pictures  Editing or deleting information about registered persons  Using the [Rec] menu [Photo Style] [Picture Size] [Quality] [ISO Limit Set] [ISO Increments] [Extended ISO] [Program Diagram] [Face Recog.] [AF Mode] [Quick AF] [AF/AE Lock] [Metering Mode] [i.Dynamic] [Multi Expo.] [Min. Shtr Speed] [i.Resolution] [i.Zoom] [Digital Zoom] [Step Zoom] [Stabilizer] [AF Assist Lamp] [Flash] [Flash Synchro] [Flash Adjust.] [Red-Eye Removal] [Color Mode] [Motion Deblur] [iHandheld Nite Shot] [iHDR] [Opt. Viewfinder] [Aspect Bracket] [Time Lapse Shot] [Date Stamp] [Clock Set] Using the [Motion Picture] menu [Rec Mode] [Rec Quality] [Continuous AF] [Wind Cut] Application (View) Viewing your pictures  [Normal Play] Zooming in and viewing “Playback zoom” Viewing a list of pictures “Multi Playback” Viewing pictures by their recording date “Calendar Playback” Playing back pictures recorded in burst and interval recording About panorama playback Viewing motion pictures Capturing still pictures from motion pictures Splitting up motion pictures Changing the picture information display, etc. Deleting pictures To delete multiple (up to 100)/To delete all pictures Different playback methods  [Playback Mode] [2D/3D Settings] [Slide Show] [Filtering Play] [Calendar] Retouching pictures [Auto Retouch] [Creative Retouch] Using the [Playback] menu [Upload Set] [Title Edit] [Text Stamp] [Video Divide] [Resize] [Cropping] [Leveling] [Favorite] [Print Set] [Protect] [Face Rec Edit] [Copy] Others Viewing on TV screen VIERA Link (HDMI) (HDAVI Control™) Viewing 3D still pictures Storing recorded still pictures and motion pictures Copying by inserting the SD card into the recorder Dubbing playback pictures via AV cables (optional) Using “PHOTOfunSTUDIO” to copy to your computer  Using with your PC Copying still pictures and motion pictures recorded in [MP4] (except AVCHD motion pictures) Uploading pictures to image-sharing websites Printing Printing multiple pictures Printing with date and text Making print settings on the camera Digital Camera Accessory System Using the Live View Finder (optional) Using the External Viewfinder (optional) Using the external flash (optional) Using the filter (optional) Using the AC adaptor (optional) and DC coupler (optional) instead of the battery List of LCD monitor displays Message displays Q&A  Troubleshooting Usage cautions and notes