Usage cautions and notes


Usage cautions and notes

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When in use


Camera may become warm if used for long periods of time, but this is not a fault.


Keep this unit as far away as possible from electromagnetic equipment (such as 

microwave ovens, TVs, video games etc.).

 •If you use this unit on top of or near a TV, the pictures and/or sound on this unit may 

be disrupted by electromagnetic wave radiation. 

 •Do not use this unit near cell phones because doing so may result in noise adversely 

affecting the pictures and/or sound. 

 •Recorded data may be damaged, or pictures may be distorted, by strong magnetic 

fields created by speakers or large motors. 

 •Electromagnetic wave radiation generated by microprocessors may adversely affect 

this unit, disturbing the pictures and/or sound. 

 •If this unit is adversely affected by electromagnetic equipment and stops functioning 

properly, turn this unit off and remove the battery or disconnect AC adaptor (optional). 

Then reinsert the battery or reconnect AC adaptor and turn this unit on.

Do not use this unit near radio transmitters or high-voltage lines.

 •If you record near radio transmitters or high-voltage lines, the recorded pictures and/

or sound may be adversely affected.


Do not keep objects that may be influenced magnetically close to the speaker.

 •Magnetized objects such as bank cards, commuter passes, watches, may be 

adversely affected by the magnetic influence of the speaker.


Do not extend the supplied cord or cable.


Do not allow camera to come into contact with pesticides or volatile substances (can 

cause surface damage or coating to peel).


Never leave the camera and the battery in a car or on a car hood in the summer. 

Doing so may cause leakage of the battery electrolyte overheating, fire or a battery 

explosion due to the high temperature.

Caring for your camera

To clean your camera, remove the battery or disconnect the power plug from the outlet, 

and wipe with a soft, dry cloth.


Use a damp cloth to remove stubborn stains, before wiping with a dry cloth.


Do not use benzine, thinners, alcohol, or kitchen detergent, as these may damage the 

outer casing and finish of the camera.


If using a chemically-treated cloth, read the supplied instructions carefully.