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Making print settings on the camera

Setting options include the number of printed pictures and their size. Make settings before 

selecting [Print start].

Use cursor button to select the item and press [MENU/SET]



[Print with Date]

[ON] / [OFF]

[Num.of prints]

Set number of pictures (up to 999 pictures)

[Paper Size]


 is selected, the printer settings take priority.

[Page Layout]

 (printer takes priority) / 

 (1 picture, no border) / 

 (1 picture, with border) / 

 (2 pictures) / 

 (4 pictures)

Use cursor button to select setting and press [MENU/SET]


Items may not be displayed if incompatible with printer.


To arrange 

 “2 pictures” or 

 “4 pictures” in the same still picture, set the number 

of prints for the still picture to 2 or 4.


To print to paper sizes/layouts not supported by this camera, set to   and make 

settings on the printer. (Consult your printer’s operating manual.)


Even with completed [Print Set] settings, dates may not be printed, depending on the 

shop or printer used.


When setting [Print with Date] to [ON], check the date printing settings on the printer 

(printer settings may be prioritized).


To print a picture on which text or a date has been stamped, set [Print with Date] to 

[OFF]. (The still picture is printed with the date superimposed on it.)