Application Record

Application (Record)

Using the [Rec] menu

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 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 


[Date Stamp]

Still pictures can be taken with the recording date and time stamped on the still 



Settings: [W/O TIME] / [WITH TIME] / [OFF]


Date stamps on still pictures cannot be erased.


The date cannot be stamped when [Auto Bracket], [WB Bracket], [Aspect Bracket] 

or [Burst Shooting] is set, or when the [Panorama Shot] or [3D Photo Mode] Scene 

Mode is set.


Do not request date printing in store or make date printing on printer for still pictures 

with date stamps. (Date printing may be overlapped.)


Cannot change the setting in [Intelligent Auto] Mode. The setting in other Recording 

Mode is applied.

[Clock Set]

Set the clock. Same function as that in [Setup] menu.