Application Record

Application (Record)

Using the [Rec] menu

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Pictures taken using interval recording cannot be stored in the built-in memory.


The interval recording function is not intended for application-specific systems 

(monitoring cameras).


If you leave the camera unattended during interval recording, make sure that the 

camera is not stolen.


Exercise caution when you perform interval recording for a long period of time in cold 

regions or in a low-temperature or high-temperature/high-humidity environment, since 

such use could cause malfunctions.


There is a possibility of the camera moving when it automatically turns on or off, for 

example, when the lens is retracting into the camera housing. We recommend fixing 

the camera to a tripod or using other methods on a stable surface when you take 

pictures using interval recording. Make sure that the camera does not topple over 

because of wind or other causes.


This function cannot be used for recording motion pictures.


Use a fully charged battery.


Interval recording will be interrupted and the setting will be canceled in the following 


 •When the remaining battery power runs out

 •When the maximum number of pictures that can be recorded has been reached


Do not connect the AV cable (optional), HDMI mini cable (optional), and USB 

connection cable during interval recording.