Application Record

Application (Record)

Using the [Rec] menu

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 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 


[Min. Shtr Speed]

Sets the minimum value for the shutter speed. We recommend using slower 

shutter speeds to take brighter pictures in dark locations.


Settings: [AUTO]  [1/250]  [1/125]  [1/60]  [1/30]  [1/15]  [1/8]  [1/4]  [1/2]  [1]


Slower shutter speeds allow for brighter pictures but increase risk of jitter, so we 

recommend using a tripod and the self-timer.


As still pictures may become dark when using faster values such as [1/250], we 

recommend that still pictures are taken in bright locations ([   ] flashes red when 

shutter button is pressed halfway if still picture will be dark).


[   ] is displayed on screen for settings other than [AUTO].


You can use the camera’s Intelligent Resolution technology to record still 

pictures with sharper outlines and clearer resolution.


Settings: [HIGH] / [STANDARD] / [LOW] / [OFF]


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[Digital Zoom]

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