Application Record

Application (Record)

Using the [Rec] menu

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 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 


[ISO Limit Set]

You can set the upper limit of ISO Sensitivity when [Sensitivity] is set to 

[AUTO] or [ 



Settings: [AUTO] / [200] / [400] / [800] / [1600] / [3200]


This function is disabled during motion picture recording. (Except [Creative Video 


[ISO Increments]

You can change the setting to increase ISO Sensitivity by 1 EV or 1/3 EV.


Settings: [1/3EV] / [1EV]


When this setting is changed from [1/3EV] to [1EV], the setting for [Sensitivity] may be 

changed. (The closest ISO Sensitivity that can be set for [1EV] will be used.)

[Extended ISO]

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[Program Diagram]

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[Face Recog.]

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[AF Mode]

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