Using the built in ND filter

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Using the built-in ND filter

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When you want to take pictures using the maximum aperture in a bright outdoor location 

or at a slow shutter speed, you can use the built-in ND filter to reduce the amount of light 

that passes through the lens.

Press the [ND/FOCUS] lever to 

activate the ND filter


When using the built-in ND 


 •To deactivate the built-in ND filter  

→ Press the lever again.


The built-in ND filter makes a light amount adjustment that is equivalent to 

approximately 3 EV stops.


The built-in ND filter is automatically activated when [Program Diagram] is set to 

modes other than [ 

 ] in [Program AE] Mode.


Activated automatically during [Smooth Defocus] or [Radial Defocus] in [Creative 

Control] mode.


You cannot switch the setting of the built-in ND filter when recording a motion picture.