Application Record

Application (Record)

Taking pictures with the built-in flash

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Changing the setting of the flash

Select [Flash] in the [Rec] menu

 •For the setting procedures of the menu. 


Press     to select a type and press [MENU/SET]

Type, operations



 •Automatically judges when to use flash

Normal use



 •Automatically judges when to use flash (reduces 


Taking pictures of subjects in dark 


[Forced Flash On]

 •Always uses flash

Taking pictures with backlight or 

under bright lighting (e.g. fluorescent)

[Slow Sync./Red-Eye]


 •Automatically judges when to use flash  

(reduces red-eye; slow shutter speed to take 

brighter pictures)

Taking pictures of subjects against a 

nightscape (tripod recommended)


  Two flashes will be emitted. Do not move until after the second flash. Interval between flashes varies 

according to brightness of subject. 

When [Red-Eye Removal] in the [Rec] menu is set to [ON], the icon changes to [


], red-

eye is automatically detected and the picture data is corrected. (Only when [AF Mode] is   (Face 



When the built-in flash is closed, [ ] (Forced flash off) is set regardless of the flash 



In [Intelligent Auto] mode, [   ] is set and light is emitted according to the subject and 

the brightness if you open the built-in flash.


You can adjust the intensity of the flash using [Flash Adjust.] in the [Rec] menu. 



You can use [Flash Synchro] in the [Rec] menu to set whether the first curtain sync or 

the second curtain sync will be used. 



The effect of red-eye reduction varies depending on the subject and is affected by 

factors such as distance to the subject, whether the subject is looking at the camera 

during preliminary flash, and so on. In some cases, the effect of red-eye reduction 

may be negligible.


Flash settings may be changed when changing recording mode.


Scene Mode flash settings are restored to default when Scene Mode is changed.


If light from the flash on a subject is insufficient, neither the proper exposure nor White 

Balance is achieved.