Taking pictures with the built in flash

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Taking pictures with the built-in flash

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You can use the built-in flash to take pictures in dark locations or light up a subject to 

adjust the contrast of an entire picture when the background is bright.

Open the built-in flash


Closing the built-in flash

When you do not want to use the flash or after 

using the flash, press down to retract the flash 

until it clicks.


Be careful not to catch a finger or any other part of your body or any object when you 

close the flash.


Do not put your hands over the light-emitting area of the flash or look at it from close 

range. Do not use the flash at close distances to other subjects (heat/light may 

damage subject).


Do not close the flash immediately after the preliminary flash is operated prior to 

taking pictures for Auto/Red-Eye Reduction and other flash settings. If you close the 

flash immediately, it will cause a malfunction.


When the flash is being charged, the flash icon flashes red, and you cannot take a 

picture even when you fully press the shutter button.


The flash effect may not be sufficient in the following cases: 

 •Slow shutter speed

 •When [Burst Shooting] is set to [   ]


Flash charging may take time if battery is low or if using flash repeatedly.


When an External Flash is attached, it will have priority over the built-in flash.