Taking close up pictures

Application (Record)

Taking close-up pictures

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When you want to enlarge the subject, setting to [ 

 ] enables you to take pictures at an 

even closer distance than the normal focus range (up to 1 cm (0.033 feet) for max. Wide). 


Shortest recording distance

The shortest recording distance is the distance from the lens front to the subject. This 

distance changes gradually depending on the zoom position.

Focus selector 



Max. Wide

Max. Tele

50 cm (1.6 feet)

50 cm (1.6 feet)

1 cm (0.033 feet)

30 cm (0.98 feet)

1 cm (0.033 feet)

30 cm (0.98 feet)

 •Focus range is displayed when operating the zoom, etc.

Focus range


In [Intelligent Auto] Mode, the shortest recording distance will be the same as that for 

 ], regardless of the focus selector switch setting.


It may take some time until distant subjects come into focus.


Using a tripod and [Self Timer] is recommended. Also, when recording a subject that 

is close to the camera, we recommend that you close the flash to set to [ ] (Forced 

flash off).


Moving the camera after aligning the focus is likely to result in poorly focused pictures 

if subject is close to the camera, due to the margin for focus alignment being severely 



It is not possible to set AF Macro Mode in the following cases.

 •In all Scene Modes except [3D Photo Mode]

Switch the focus selector switch 

to [ 


Enables close-up focusing on a 

subject. (Auto Focus functions.)

Align with the indicator