Olympus SZ-12, SZ-14 Instruction Manual

Camera Settings

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Camera Settings

Camera Settings

Using the Buttons 

Using the Buttons 

Frequently used functions can be accessed using the buttons.

Zoom lever (p. 18, 22)
Shutter button (p. 17, 57)

R button (shooting movies) (p. 17)

q button (switching between 

shooting and playback) (p. 17, 
20, 46)

m button (p. 9)

E button (menu guide/
camera guide) (p. 23)

G (down) /

D button (erase) (p. 21)

F (up) /INFO button
(changing information display) (p. 19, 22)

I (right)

A button

The wheel controller can also be used  to change the selections. 

Wheel controller