Stop the media player

Stop the media player
Press and hold the end key.
Change the media player look
Your device provides several themes to change the look of the media player.
Media player
Go to Media player
Media player theme
 and the desired theme.
The virtual keys may change depending on the theme.
Transfer music from a computer
You can transfer music to your device in the following ways:
Use Nokia Music to transfer, rip, burn, and play new music on your PC and mobile
device. Download the PC software from
Use Nokia Ovi Suite to connect your device to your PC using Bluetooth
connectivity or a compatible USB data cable, and use the Nokia Music Manager.
To use a USB data cable, select 
PC Suite
 as the connection mode.
Connect your device to your PC using Bluetooth connectivity or a compatible
USB data cable, and copy music files to the device memory. To use a USB data
cable, select 
Data storage
 as the connection mode.
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