To make calls you must first leave the remote SIM mode If the device has been

To make calls, you must first leave the remote SIM mode. If the device has been
locked, enter the lock code to unlock it first.
Open a Bluetooth connection
1 Select 
2 Select 
My phone's name
, and enter a name for your device.
3 To activate Bluetooth connectivity, select 
.   indicates that
Bluetooth connectivity is active.
4 To connect your device to an audio accessory, select 
Conn. audio access.
the accessory.
5 To pair your device with any Bluetooth device in range, select 
Add new device
6 Scroll to a found device, and select 
7 Enter a passcode (up to 16 characters) on your device, and allow the connection
on the other Bluetooth device.
Operating the device in hidden mode is a safer way to avoid malicious software. Do
not accept Bluetooth connectivity from sources you do not trust. Alternatively,
switch off the Bluetooth function. This does not affect other functions of the device.
Connect your PC to the internet
You can use Bluetooth technology to connect your compatible PC to the internet.
Your device must be able to connect to the internet (network service), and your PC
must support Bluetooth technology. After connecting to the network access point
(NAP) service of the device and pairing with your PC, your device automatically
opens a packet data connection to the internet.
Packet data
General packet radio service (GPRS) is a network service that allows mobile phones
to send and receive data over an internet protocol (IP) based network.
Make it your device 31