Call the voice mailbox

Call the voice mailbox
Press and hold 1.
Use other keys as shortcuts
See "Dialling shortcuts", p. 38.
You have unread messages.
You have unsent, cancelled, or failed messages.
The keypad is locked.
The device does not ring for incoming calls or text messages.
An alarm is set.
The device is registered to the GPRS or EGPRS network.
A GPRS or EGPRS connection is open.
The GPRS or EGPRS connection is suspended (on hold).
Bluetooth connectivity is activated.
A GPS signal is available (external GPS antenna necessary).
No GPS signal available (external GPS antenna necessary).
If you have two phone lines, the second line is in use.
All incoming calls are diverted to another number.
Calls are limited to a closed user group.
The currently active profile is timed.
A headset is connected to the device.
The device is connected to another device using a USB data cable.
Navigate the menus
The phone offers you an extensive range of functions that are grouped into menus.
1 To access the menu, select 
2 Scroll through the menu, and select an option (for example, 
Switch it on 19