Care Maintenance



Care & Maintenance


 CAUTION: Make sure that the brewer is unplugged 

from the power source before cleaning.

 CAUTION: Be sure to allow the brewer to cool before 



NOTE: Do not leave coffee in the thermal carafe for an 
extended period of time after a brew. 


NOTE: Do not leave water in the reservoir unused for 
multiple days. Rinse and replace with fresh water.

1   Before cleaning, close the Drip Stop. 
2  After each brew is complete and the coffee grounds have 

cooled, carefully remove the paper filter and discard. Remove 
brew basket from the brewer, rinse and wash with soap and 
warm water. 


NOTE: The brew basket and thermal carafe are not 
dishwasher safe.


If coffee grounds spilled over into the brew basket or 

in the overflow channels, remove and rinse under water until 
grounds are removed.  

3  Wash the thermal carafe and brew-through lid with soap and 

warm water. Use a bottle brush or a cloth to wash the inside 
of the carafe. 

4   Wipe machine down with a warm cloth with soap and water 

to clean the base plate and outer parts. 

Do not immerse 

the base in water.


For best results, use a bottle brush. This will allow you 

to scrub all of the inside with soap and hot water.



We recommend rinsing your carafe with warm 
soapy water. 


NOTE: Do not place the thermal 
carafe in the dishwasher.


If you want to clean the carafe more 
thoroughly, we recommend using a soft 
foam brush such as the one shown.



Fig. 21


1  Empty the water reservoir.
2  Hand wash with dish soap and rinse or place on the top rack 

of your dishwasher.


 CAUTION: Be sure to allow the brewer to cool before 


  CAUTION: DO NOT immerse the coffeemaker into water 

or any other liquid. 

  CAUTION: DO NOT place the thermal carafe in the 



NOTE: Cleaning and descaling shall be performed on 
a weekly basis. Cleaning your Ninja


Coffee Bar


recommended to keep your brewer brewing hot, rich, and 
smooth coffee. 


The Clean button will illuminate when your Ninja


Coffee Bar


senses there is a calcium build up on your machine which 
may be affecting the flavor of your coffee. To clean your 
machine and keep the same great taste of Ninja



follow the directions below.

1  Select the carafe size and set the carafe in place beneath the 

brew basket.

2  Use a descaling solution and follow the directions on the 

package and fill up to, but not exceeding the Clean Cycle Max 
Fill line (30 oz.).  


Fill the water reservoir to the cup line (11 oz.) with white 
vinegar, then fill the rest of the water reservoir with water up 
to, but not exceeding the Clean Cycle Max Fill line (30 oz.)


IMPORTANT: Use only white vinegar.

3  Once the water reservoir is filled with your cleaning solution 

and water mixture (

not exceeding the 

Clean Cycle Max 

Fill line), simply press the Clean button to activate the clean 

(Fig. 21)


NOTE: The clean cycle takes approximately 8 minutes to fully 
descale and clean the machine.

4  Once the clean cycle is complete, empty and rinse the carafe 

and water reservoir. Please take special care to thoroughly 
clean the carafe and water reservoir to remove any cleaning 
solution that could affect the flavor of your coffee.

5  Once the clean light turns off, fill the water reservoir with 

water up to, but not exceeding the Clean Cycle Max Fill line 
(30 oz.) and run 2 more clean cycles with fresh water to rinse 
the internal parts of the brewer.


NOTE: If the Clean light illuminates on the next brew after 
a clean cycle, this means there is still calcium build up on 
the brewer. Repeat steps above and the clean light will 
automatically shut off when it senses your Ninja Coffee Bar


is clean and free of calcium build up!


Please call customer service if any servicing needs to be 
performed on the brewer at 1-877-646-5288.