Setting the Clock Delay Brew



4  Select the Brew Type that you desire from the 4 flashing 

buttons. The selected brew type will be lit. 

(Fig. 3)

5  Once the time, brew size, and brew type have been set, allow 

the Delay Brew to flash and lock in or press the Delay Brew 
button to activate the Delay Brew. When the Delay Brew is 
activated, the light on the Delay Brew button will illuminate 
and an audible signal will play to verify the Delay Brew is set.

6  The Delay Brew time is now set and your Ninja


Coffee Bar


will automatically brew at the time you programmed.

 NOTE: To deactivate the Delay Brew cycle, press the Delay 

Brew button once more and the light on the Delay Brew 
button will turn off. Any change to the selected brew size or 

starting any other brew will cancel the programmed Delay 

7  Place the appropriate-sized vessel 

under brew basket for the selected 


IMPORTANT: Make sure the  
Drip Stop is in the open position.


1  Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet. The clock will 

flash on the control panel to indicate that the time has not 
been set. 

(Fig. 1) 

2  Press the H (hour) or M (minute) button until you reach the 

current time. The AM or PM indicator will illuminate on the left 
side of the display as you are setting the time. 

3  After 5 seconds the clock will stop flashing and the clock will 

be set. 

 NOTE: If the clock stops flashing and does not display the 

correct time of day, pressing the H (hour) or the M (minute) 
button at any time will again will cause the clock to flash 
again. You can now re-program the correct time of day by 
following the steps above. 


NOTE: If you unplug the brewer or in the event of an extended 
power loss, you will need to reset the clock the next time the 
brewer is plugged in.


1  Press Delay Brew. The Delay Brew button will illuminate and 

the clock will begin to flash “12:00” or the last delay brew 
time that was set. 

(Fig. 2) 

2  While the clock is flashing, press the H (hour) or M (minute) 

button to set the time that you would like the delay brew to 
begin. The AM or PM indicator will illuminate on the left side 
of the display as you are setting the desired time. 

3  Once the proper time has been set, select the size of the 

vessel that you would like to brew. 

Setting the Clock & Delay Brew

Fig. 3

Fig. 2

Fig. 1




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