For Your Safety

Observe caution when 
handling the battery

The battery may leak or explode if 
improperly handled. Observe the 
following precautions when handling 
the battery for use in this product:
• Before replacing the battery, turn 

the product off. If you are using the 
AC adapter, be sure it is unplugged.

• Only use a Rechargeable Li-ion 

Battery EN-EL10 (supplied). Charge 
the battery by inserting it in a 
Battery Charger MH-63 (supplied).

• When inserting the battery, do not 

attempt to insert it upside down or 

• Do not short or disassemble the 

battery or attempt to remove or 
break the battery insulation or 

• Do not expose the battery to flame 

or to excessive heat.

• Do not immerse in or expose to 


• Return the battery to the battery 

case for transportation. Do not 
transport or store with metal objects 
such as necklaces or hairpins.

• The battery is prone to leakage 

when fully discharged. To avoid 
damage to the product, be sure to 
remove the battery when no charge 

• Discontinue use immediately should 

you notice any change in the 
battery, such as discoloration or 

• If liquid from the damaged battery 

comes in contact with clothing or 
skin, rinse immediately with plenty 
of water.

Observe the following 
precautions when handling 
the battery charger

• Keep dry. Failure to observe this 

precaution could result in fire or 
electric shock.

• Dust on or near the metal parts of 

the plug should be removed with a 
dry cloth. Continued use could 
result in fire.

• Do not handle the power cable or 

go near the battery charger during 
lightning storms. Failure to observe 
this precaution could result in 
electric shock.

• Do not damage, modify, forcibly tug 

or bend the power cable, place it 
under heavy objects, or expose it to 
heat or flames. Should the insulation 
be damaged and the wires become 
exposed, take it to a Nikon-
authorized service representative for 
inspection. Failure to observe these 
precautions could result in fire or 
electric shock.

• Do not handle the plug or battery 

charger with wet hands. Failure to 
observe this precaution could result 
in electric shock.

• Do not use with travel converters or 

adapters designed to convert from 
one voltage to another or with DC-
to-AC inverters. Failure to observe 
this precaution could damage the 
product or cause overheating or fire.