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User’s Manual



Document Outline For Your Safety WARNINGS Notices Table of Contents Introduction About This Manual Information and Precautions Parts of the Camera The Camera Body Basic Operations of the Shutter-Release Button Attaching the Camera Strap Operating the Touch Panel Tapping Dragging About the Stylus Main Display of the Monitor/Touch Panel and Basic Operations Shooting (Operation Controls) Shooting (Other Indicators) Playback (Operation Controls) Playback (Information Display) HOME Screen Controls Menu Screen First Steps Charging the Battery Inserting the Battery Removing the Battery Turning On and Off the Camera Setting Display Language, Date and Time Inserting Memory Cards Removing Memory Cards Basic Photography and Playback: Auto Mode Step 1 Turn the Camera On and Select Auto Mode Indicators Displayed in Auto Mode Step 2 Frame a Picture Using the Zoom Step 3 Focus and Shoot Step 4 Playing Back and Deleting Pictures Playing Back Pictures (Playback Mode) Deleting Pictures Using the Flash Setting the Flash Mode Taking Pictures with the Self-timer Automatic Shooting of a Smiling Face (Smile Timer) Macro Mode Shooting Suited for the Scene Shooting in Scene Mode Setting the Scene Mode Features Shooting in the Scene Mode Selected by the Camera (Scene Auto Selector) Shooting in Portrait/Night Portrait Scene Mode Taking Pictures in Food Mode Using the Draw Option Taking Pictures for a Panorama More on Playback Viewing Multiple Pictures: Thumbnail Playback Taking a Closer Look: Playback Zoom Editing Pictures Paint Pictures Creating a Cropped Copy: Trim Stretching Pictures: Stretch Adding a Sense of Perspective: Perspective control Enhancing Brightness and Contrast: D-Lighting Change Color Tones: Color Options Resizing Pictures: Small Picture Voice Memos: Recording and Playback Recording Voice Memos Playing Voice Memos Deleting Voice Memos Finding Pictures by Shooting Date (List by Date Mode) Selecting a Date in List by Date Mode Operations in List by Date Mode Finding Pictures in Auto Sort Mode Viewing Pictures in Auto Sort Mode Operations in Auto Sort Mode Sorting Favorite Pictures (Favorite Pictures Mode) Preparing Favorites Folder Sorting Pictures to Favorites Folders Viewing Pictures in Favorites Folder Operations in Favorite Pictures Mode Enjoying Slide Show Using HD Pictmotion Creating an HD Pictmotion Slide Show Other Options for an HD Pictmotion Slide Show Viewing an HD Pictmotion Slide Show Movies Recording Movies The Movie Menu Selecting Movie Options Autofocus mode Electronic VR Time-Lapse Movies Movie Playback Deleting Movie Files Voice Recordings Making Voice Recordings Playing Voice Recordings Deleting Sound Files Copying Voice Recordings Connecting to Televisions, Computers and Printers Connecting to a TV Connecting to a Computer Before Connecting the Camera Transferring Pictures from a Camera to a Computer Connecting to a Printer Connecting the Camera and Printer Printing Pictures One at a Time Printing Multiple Pictures Creating a DPOF Print Order: Print Set Creating a Print Order in Sort Mode Shooting, Playback and Setup Menus Shooting Options: The Shooting Menu Displaying the Shooting Menu Image Mode White Balance Exp.+/- Continuous ISO Sensitivity AF Area Mode Distortion Control Functions that Cannot Be Applied Simultaneously Playback Options: The Playback Menu Displaying the Playback Menu Delete Protect Rotate Image Copy Basic Camera Setup: The Setup Menu Displaying the Setup Menu Choose HOME Display Welcome Screen Date Monitor Settings Date Imprint Vibration Reduction AF Assist Digital Zoom Sound Settings Record Orientation Auto Off Format Memory/ Format Card Language TV Settings Blink Warning Reset All Firmware Version Technical Notes Optional Accessories Approved Memory Cards Image/Sound File and Folder Names Caring for the Camera Cleaning Storage Error Messages Troubleshooting Specifications Supported Standards Index