Nikon COOLPIX S32 Reference Manual

O Shoot at intervals, J Shoot under water




g Features

O Shoot at intervals

• The camera can automatically capture still images at pre-determined intervals. Images captured 

in one shooting are saved in one folder and can be viewed in a slide show (

A 58).

• Press flexible button 2 (d Shoot every 30 seconds), flexible button 3 (e Shoot once a 

minute), or flexible button 4 (f Shoot every 5 minutes) to set the shooting interval.

• The maximum number of images that can be captured depends on the selected interval.

- Shoot every 30 seconds: Approx. 280 images
- Shoot once a minute: Approx. 140 images
- Shoot every 5 minutes: Approx. 30 images

• Use a sufficiently charged battery to prevent the camera from turning off during shooting.

• Press the shutter-release button all the way down to capture the first image. In between each 

shot, the monitor turns off and the power-on lamp flashes. The monitor automatically turns on 
again just before the next image is captured.

• Press the shutter-release button halfway to stop shooting.

• The flash is set to w Auto flash, but the setting can be changed (A 31).

• The self-timer is not available (A 33).

J Shoot under water

• When Shoot under water is set, the waterproofing-related messages are displayed.

Confirm each message and press the multi selector 

K to display the next message.

Press flexible button 4 (O) to skip the messages and change to the shooting screen.

• See “<Important> Shockproof, Waterproof, Dustproof, Condensation” (A xv-xxi) for more 

information about using the camera underwater.

• The flash is set to y Flash off, but the setting can be changed (A 31).

• The self-timer can be set, but Y Smile timer is not available (A 33, 35).