Observe proper precautions when han-

dling batteries
 Batteries may leak or explode if improp-
erly handled.  Observe the following 
precautions when handling batteries for 
use in this product:

• Before replacing the battery, turn the 

product off.  If you are using an AC 
adapter, be sure it is unplugged.

• Use only rechargeable Nikon  


lithium-ion batteries (supplied).  Charge 
the battery either by inserting it in the 
camera and connecting the supplied AC 
adapter, or by inserting it in a MH-62 
battery charger (available separately).

• When inserting the battery, do not at-

tempt to insert it upside down or back-

• Do not short or disassemble batteries.
• Do not expose batteries to fl ame or to 

excessive heat.

• Do not immerse in or expose to water.
• Replace the terminal cover when trans-

porting the battery.  Do not transport or 
store with metal objects such as neck-
laces or hairpins.

• Batteries are prone to leakage when 

fully discharged.  To avoid damage to 
the product, be sure to remove the bat-
tery when no charge remains.

• Discontinue use immediately should you 

notice any change in the battery, such as 
discoloration or deformation.


  Use appropriate cables

When connecting cables to the input 
and output jacks, use only the cables 
provided or sold by Nikon for the pur-
pose, to maintain compliance with 
product regulations.


  Handle moving parts with care

Be careful that your fi ngers or other ob-
jects are not pinched by the lens cover 
or other moving parts.



The CD-ROMs supplied with this device 
should not be played back on audio CD 
equipment.  Playing CD-ROMs on an 
audio CD player could cause hearing 
loss or damage the equipment.


  Observe caution when operating the 

 fl ash
Using the fl ash close to your subject’s 
eyes could cause temporary visual 
impairment.  Particular care should 
be observed if photographing infants, 
when the fl ash should be no less than 
one meter (39˝) from the subject.


  Do not fi re the fl ash while it is touching 

a person or object
Such use can result in the person being 
burned, and 

or their clothes igniting 

from the heat of the fl ash.


  Avoid contact with liquid crystal

Should the  monitor break, care should 
be taken to avoid injury due to broken 
glass and to prevent liquid crystal from 
the monitor touching the skin or enter-
ing the eyes or mouth.