Symbols and Conventions
To  make it easier to fi nd the information you 
need, the following symbols and conventions 
are used:

This icon marks tips, additional informa-
tion that may be helpful when using the 

This icon marks cautions, information 
that should be read before use to prevent 
damage to the camera.

This icon marks notes, information that 
should be read before using the camera.

This icon indicates that more information 
is available elsewhere in this manual or in 
the Quick Start Guide.

 Memory Cards

Pictures taken with this camera can be stored in 
the camera‚Äôs internal memory or on removable 
memory cards.  If a memory card is inserted, all 
new pictures will be stored on the memory card 
and delete, playback, and format operations will 
apply only to the pictures on the memory card.  
The memory card must be removed before the 
internal memory can be formatted or used to 
store, delete, or view pictures.

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