LS-30 35 mm Film Scanner User’s Guide

Do not place foreign objects inside the scanner

Do not allow foreign objects of any kind into the unit.  If
flammable objects, metal, or water come in contact with the

interior of the scanner, malfunction, fire, or electric shock could

Do not place vases, flowerpots, cups, cosmetics, vessels contain-
ing chemicals or water, or small metal articles on top of the

equipment.  Should such articles or their contents fall into the
equipment, fire, electric shock or malfunction could result.

Exposing the scanner to volatile substances such as alcohol,
benzine, thinner, or pesticides could cause malfunction, fire, or

electric shock.

If foreign substances or water should find their way into the

equipment, turn off the power immediately, unplug the power
cord and contact your dealer or nearest Nikon service office.

Continued use could result in fire, electric shock or malfunction.
Particular care is advised in households with small children.

When not using for an extended period

When not using the equipment for an extended period, remove

any film that may be in the adapters and take the adapters out of
the adapter slot.  Turn off the equipment and unplug the power

cord.  To prevent the accumulation of dust inside the equipment,
close the front cover.

When performing routine maintenance

Before performing maintenance, turn the equipment off and

unplug the power cord.

If you notice smoke or an unusual noise or smell from
the scanner, 

turn off the power immediately and then unplug

the power cord.  Continued use could result in fire or electric
shock.  After ensuring that the equipment has stopped smoking,

contact your dealer or Nikon service representative for informa-
tion on replacement or repair.  D




 attempt repairs yourself,

as this would be extremely dangerous.