LS-30 35 mm Film Scanner User’s Guide

Safety Precautions

Observe the following safety precautions when installing and

operating the LS-30:

Do not allow your fingers, hair, or clothing into the film
insertion slot

Do not insert your fingers, hair, or clothing into the film inser-

tion slot on the front of the scanner when the power is on and a
film adaptor is in place.  Doing so could result in injury.

Do not disassemble

The interior of the scanner contains areas of high voltage.

Removing the scanner’s cover could result in fire or electric
shock.  Contact your dealer or Nikon service office for inspec-

tion or repair.

Do not modify

Do not modify the equipment.  Doing so could cause fire or
electric shock.

Do not place heavy objects on the scanner

Place on a stable surface

Do not use the equipment on an unstable surface or on a surface

which is not horizontal.  This could cause the equipment to fall,
resulting in injury.

Do not drop

Do not subject the equipment to strong shocks, as this could

cause malfunction or breakage.  Note that the scanning unit
contains glass parts; if the scanner is dropped, care should be

taken to avoid contact with broken glass.

Keep clean

Use a dry cloth to remove any dirt from metal sections of the
scanner and their surroundings.  Using the equipment when dirty

could cause fire.