Capturing Smiling Faces Automatically Smart Portrait Mode


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Capturing Smiling Faces Automatically (Smart Portrait Mode)

The camera detects a smiling face to shoot the face automatically. The skin 
softening option can be used to smooth skin tones of human faces.


Press the A button and then press 
the multi selector H or I to select 

F, and press the k button.

The camera enters smart portrait mode.


Frame the picture.

Point the camera at the subject.

If the camera detects a person’s face, the face will be 
framed by a double yellow border in the focus area, and 
when the face comes into focus, the double border will 
for a moment turn green and the focus will be locked.

Up to three faces will be detected. When the camera 
detects more than one face, the double border (focus area) is displayed around the face 
closest to the center of the frame, and single borders around the others.


The shutter is automatically released.

If the camera detects the smiling face of the person framed by a double border, the 
shutter is automatically released.

Each time the shutter is released, the camera repeats automatic shooting by face 
detection and smile detection.


Exit this shooting mode.

Exit automatic shooting with the smile detection feature by turning the power off or by 
pressing the A button to change to another shooting mode.

Smart portrait

F 2 . 7

1 / 1 2 5

1 / 1 2 5

F 2 . 7