Nikon COOLPIX L23 User Manual

Blink Warning


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c Came

ra Setup

Blink Warning

Choose whether or not blinking eyes are detected when using face detection 

A 22) in the following shooting modes.

• G (easy auto) mode
• Portrait (A 33) and Night portrait (A 34) scene modes

d button M z (setup menu) (A 92) M Blink warning


When the camera detects that one or more human subjects may have blinked in 
an image captured using face detection, the Did someone blink? screen will 
appear on the monitor.
The face of the human subject that may have closed his/her eyes is framed by a 
yellow border. In such a case, you can check the captured image and determine if 
you take the picture again. 

➝ “Operating the Did someone blink? Screen” 


A 108)

Off (default setting)

Blink warning is disabled.