Nikon COOLPIX L23 User Manual

AF Assist, Sound Settings


Setup Menu


c Came

ra Setup

AF Assist

Enable or disable AF-assist illuminator, which assists autofocus operation when the 
subject is dimly lit.

Sound Settings

Adjust the following sound settings.

d button M z (setup menu) (A 92) M AF assist

Auto (default setting)

AF-assist illumination will be used to assist the focus operation when the subject is 
poorly lit. The illuminator has a range of about 1.9 m (6 ft. 3 in.) at the maximum 
wide-angle position and 1.1 m (3 ft. 7 in.) at the maximum telephoto position. 
However, the AF-assist illumination will not turn on in some scene modes even if 
Auto is selected.


AF-assist illuminator is disabled. The camera may be unable to focus if lighting is 

d button M z (setup menu) (A 92) M Sound settings

Button sound

Choose button sound from On (default setting) or Off. When On is selected, a 
beep will sound once when operations are completed successfully, two times 
when the focus has been locked, and three times when an error is detected, and 
welcome sound is played when the camera is turned on.

Shutter sound

Choose shutter sound from On (default setting) or Off.
Even when set to On, the shutter sound is not heard in the following situations.
• When using Continuous, BSS, or Multi-shot 16
• When using Sports or Museum
• When shooting movies