Nikon COOLPIX L23 User Manual

Motion Detection


Setup Menu


c Came

ra Setup

Motion Detection

Set whether or not the camera automatically increases the shutter speed to 
reduce blurring when motion is detected while taking still pictures.

The icon for the current setting is displayed in the monitor when the camera is in 
shooting mode (

A 19). When the camera detects shaking and increases shutter 

speed, the motion detection indicator turns green. No icon is displayed when Off 
is selected.

d button M z (setup menu) (A 92) M Motion detection

U Auto (default setting)

In order to reduce the effects of camera shake or subject movement, ISO 
sensitivity and shutter speed are increased when the camera detects camera 
shake or subject movement.
However, motion detection does not function in the following situations.
• When the flash mode is set to Fill flash
• When Continuous (A 53) is set to Multi-shot 16
• When scene mode is set to Sports (A 34), Night portrait (A 34), Dusk/

dawn (

A 36), Night landscape (A 36), Museum (A 38), Fireworks show 


A 39), or Backlighting (A 39)

k Off

Motion detection is disabled.


Notes on Motion Detection

• Blurring caused by camera shake or subject movement may not be eliminated in some situations.
• Motion detection may not function if camera shake or subject movement is excessive, or if there is 

insufficient lighting.

• The images captured may become somewhat grainy.