Nikon COOLPIX L23 User Manual

Electronic VR


Setup Menu


c Came

ra Setup

Electronic VR

Choose whether to use electronic VR (vibration reduction) when taking still 

When Auto is selected, R appears on the monitor (

A 6), and electronic VR is 

applied depending on shooting conditions.

d button M z (setup menu) (A 92) M Electronic VR

w Auto

In the following conditions, electronic VR is applied and the effects of camera shake 
are reduced when shooting still images.
• The flash is turned off or set to slow sync mode
• The shutter speed is slow
• The Continuous setting is set to Single
• When the subject is dark

k Off (default setting)

Electronic VR is disabled.


Notes on Electronic Vibration Reduction

• Electronic VR is disabled while the flash is used, except when using slow sync mode. Note that 

Electronic VR is disabled even when flash mode is slow sync with red-eye reduction (

A 34, 35).

• If the exposure period exceeds a certain period of time, electronic VR will not function.
• Electronic VR cannot be used if Blink proof (A 45) in smart portrait mode is set to On.
• Electronic VR cannot be used when using the following scene modes.

- Sports  (

A 34)

- Night portrait (

A 34)

- Dusk/dawn  (

A 36)

- Night  landscape  (

A 36)

- Museum (

A 38)

- Fireworks show (

A 39)

- Backlighting (

A 39)

• The effectiveness of electronic VR decreases as camera shake increases.
• The images captured may become somewhat grainy.