the product, be sure to remove the

batteries when no charge remains.

• Discontinue use immediately should

you notice any change in the batter-

ies, such as discoloration or deforma-


• If liquid from damaged batteries

comes in contact with clothing or

skin, rinse immediately with plenty of


Observe the following pre-

cautions when handling

the Battery Charger MH-71

(available separately)

• Keep dry. Failure to observe this pre-

caution could result in fire or electric


• Dust on or near the metal parts of the

plug should be removed with a dry

cloth. Continued use could result in


• Do not handle the power cable or go

near the battery charger during light-

ening storms. Failure to observe this

precaution could result in electric


• Do not damage, modify, forcibly tug

or bend the power cable, place it

under heavy objects, or expose it to

heat or flame. Should the insulation

be damaged and the wires become

exposed, take it to a Nikon-autho-

rized service representative for inspec-

tion. Failure to observe these

precautions could result in fire or elec-

tric shock.

• Do not handle the plug or battery

charger with wet hands. Failure to

observe this precaution could result in

electric shock.

Use appropriate cables

When connecting cables to the input

and output jacks, use only the cables

provided or sold by Nikon for the pur-

pose, to maintain compliance with prod-

uct regulations.

Handle moving parts with


Be careful that your fingers or other

objects are not pinched by the lens cover

or other moving parts.


The CD-ROMs supplied with this device

should not be played back on audio CD

equipment. Playing CD-ROMs on an

audio CD player could cause hearing loss

or damage the equipment.

Observe caution when

using the flash

Using the flash close to your subject’s

eyes could cause temporary visual

impairment. Particular care should be

observed if photographing infants, when

the flash should be no less than one

meter (39 in.) from the subject.

Do not operate the flash

with the flash window

touching a person or object

Failure to observe this precaution could

result in burns or fire.

Avoid contact with liquid


Should the monitor break, care should

be taken to avoid injury caused by bro-

ken glass and to prevent liquid crystal

from the monitor touching the skin or

entering the eyes or mouth.