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Take test shots 

Before taking pictures on important occasions (for example, at wedding or
before taking the camera with you on a trip), take a test shot to ensure that
the camera is functioning normally. Nikon will not be held liable for
damages or lost profits that may result from product malfunction.

Have Nikon spot-check your camera regularly

Nikon recommends that you have your camera serviced by an authorized
dealer or service center at least once every two years.

Using your camera correctly

Nikon F6 performance has been optimized for use with Nikon brand
accessories. Accessories made by other manufacturers may not meet
Nikon’s criteria for specifications, and nonconforming accessories could
damage F6 components. Nikon cannot guarantee the performance of the
F6 when it is used with anything other than Nikon brand accessories.

Marks used in this manual

This icon indicates cautions, information that should be read before use to
prevent damage to the camera.

This icon indicates notes, information that should be read before using the

This icon indicates tips, additional information that may be helpful when using
the camera.

This icon indicates that more information is available elsewhere in this manual.

CSM 00: This icon indicates settings that can be fine-tuned from the Custom Settings

Life-Long Learning

As part of Nikon’s Life-Long Learning commitment to ongoing product support and education,
continually-updated information is available on-line at the following sites:
• For users in the U.S.A.: http://www.nikonusa.com/
• For users in Europe: http://www.europe-nikon.com/support
• For users in Asia, Oceania, the Middle East, and Africa: http://www.nikon-asia.com/
Visit these sites to keep up-to-date with the latest product information, tips, answers to
frequently-asked questions (FAQs), and general advice on photography. Additional information
may be available from the Nikon representative in your area. See the URL below for contact

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