Nikon D7200 for America User Manual

Mirror up Mode M


Choose this mode to minimize blurring caused by camera 
movement when the mirror is raised. To use mirror-up mode, 
press the release mode dial lock release and rotate the release 
mode dial to M


 (mirror up).

After pressing the shutter-release button halfway to set focus 
and exposure, press the shutter-release button the rest of the 
way down. The viewfinder or monitor will turn off; in viewfinder 
photography, the mirror will be raised. Press the shutter-release 
button all the way down again to take the picture. When 
shooting ends, either live view will resume or (in viewfinder 
photography) the mirror will lower.

Mirror up Mode (M



Release mode dial lock release

Release mode dial


Mirror Up

While the mirror is raised, photos can not be framed in the viewfinder 
and autofocus and metering will not be performed.


Mirror up Mode

A picture will be taken automatically if no operations are performed for 
about 30 s with the mirror raised.