Nikon D7200 for America User Manual

Perspective control


Perspective control

Create copies that reduce the effects of 
perspective taken from the base of a tall 

Miniature effect

Create a copy that appears to be a 
photo of a diorama. Use the multi 
selector to choose the position and 
orientation of the area in focus. Works 
best with photos taken from a high 
vantage point.

Selective color

Create a copy in which only selected 
hues appear in color. Position the cursor 
over objects with desired colors and 
press the 

A AE-L/AF-L button. The 

selected colors (maximum three) 
appear in the frames at the top of the 
display; rotate the main command dial 
to highlight a frame and press 

1 or 3 to 

increase or decrease the range of hues 

Edit movie

Choose start/end point

Trim footage to create edited copies of 
movies or save selected frames as JPEG 
stills (

0 179).

Save selected frame

Side-by-side comparison

Compare retouched copies to the 
original photographs. Side-by-side 
comparison is only available if the 
retouch menu is displayed by pressing 

and selecting Retouch in full-frame 
playback when a retouched image or 
original is displayed.