Nikon D7200 for America User Manual

Android Other Wi Fi Connection Options, Restoring Default Settings


Android: Other Wi-Fi Connection Options

WPS can be used with compatible smart devices. Wireless 
security is enabled automatically.

❚❚ Push-Button WPS

Adjust settings as follows to connect at 
the push of a button:
• Camera: Select Wi-Fi > Network 

settings > Push-button WPS in the 
setup menu.

• Smart device: Select WPS button 

connection in the Wi-Fi settings 

❚❚ PIN-Entry WPS

To connect to a smart device using a PIN, 
select Wi-Fi > Network settings > PIN-
entry WPS in the camera setup menu 
and enter the PIN displayed by the smart 

Restoring Default Settings

To restore default network settings, select Wi-Fi > Network 
settings > Reset network settings. A confirmation dialog will 
be displayed; highlight Yes and press 

J to restore default 

network settings.


Terminating the Connection

Wi-Fi can be disabled by:
• Selecting Wi-Fi > Network connection > Disable in the camera 

setup menu

• Starting movie recording
• Connecting an optional UT-1 communication unit
• Turning the camera off