Nikon D7200 for America User Manual

Multiple Exposure


Follow the steps below to record a series of two or three NEF 
(RAW) exposures in a single photograph.

❚❚ Creating a Multiple Exposure

Multiple exposures can not be recorded in live view. Exit live 
view before proceeding. Note that at default settings, shooting 
will end and a multiple exposure will be recorded automatically 
if no operations are performed for about 30 s.


Select Multiple exposure.
Highlight Multiple exposure in the 
photo shooting menu and press


Multiple Exposure

(P, S, A, and M Modes Only)


Extended Recording Times

If the monitor turns off during playback or menu operations and no 
operations are performed for about 30 s, shooting will end and a 
multiple exposure will be created from the exposures that have been 
recorded to that point. The time available to record the next exposure 
can be extended by choosing longer times for Custom Setting c2 
(Standby timer, 

0 279).