Nikon D7200 for America User Manual

Time Lapse Photography


The camera automatically takes photos at selected intervals to 
create a silent time-lapse movie at the frame size and rate 
currently selected in the movie shooting menu (

0 273). For 

information on the image area used for time-lapse movies, see 
page 168.


Select Time-lapse photography.
Highlight Time-lapse photography 
in the movie shooting menu and 

2 to display time-lapse 

photography settings.

Time-Lapse Photography


i, j, P, S, A, M, and SCENE Modes Only)


Before Shooting

Before beginning time-lapse photography, take a test shot at current 
settings (framing the photo in the viewfinder for an accurate exposure 
preview) and view the results in the monitor. For consistent coloration, 
choose a white balance setting other than auto (

0 111). Once settings 

have been adjusted to your satisfaction, remove the rubber eyecup 
and cover the viewfinder with the supplied eyepiece cap to prevent 
light entering via the viewfinder interfering with photographs and 
exposure (

0 70).

Use of a tripod is recommended. Mount the camera on a tripod before 
shooting begins. To ensure that shooting is not interrupted, use an 
optional AC adapter and power connector or a fully-charged battery.