Taking Photographs—Focus


Controlling How the Camera Focuses

This section describes the options that control how your camera focuses: 
fo cus mode, focus-area selection, and AF-area mode.

Focus Mode

Focus mode is controlled by the focus mode 
se lec tor on the front of the camera.  There are 
two autofocus (AF) modes, in which the cam era 
focuses automatically when the shutter-re 


button is pressed halfway, and one manual focus 
mode, in which focus must be adjusted man u al ly 
using the focusing ring on the lens:

Camera focuses when shutter-release button is pressed half way.  Fo cus 
locks when in-focus indicator (

●) appears in view fi nd er, and re mains 

locked while shutter-release button is pressed halfway (focus lock).  
Shut ter can only be re leased when in-fo cus in di ca tor is dis played (fo-
cus pri or i ty).  If sub ject was mov ing when shutter-release button was 
pressed half way, cam era will track sub ject until fo cus ing is complete 
and the shut ter can be re leased (pre dic tive fo cus tracking; 

 71).  If 

subject stops mov ing before shutter is released, in-focus in di ca tor will 
ap pear in viewfi nder and focus will lock at this dis tance.


Sin gle-servo 




Camera focuses continuously while shutter-release but ton is pressed 
halfway.  If subject moves, focus will be adjusted to compensate (pre-
dictive fo cus tracking; 

 71).  Pho to graphs can be taken whether or 

not camera is in focus (release priority).


Con tin u ous-

servo AF

Camera does not focus automatically; focus must be adjusted manu-
ally using the lens focusing ring.  If max i mum aperture of lens is f/5.6 
or faster, view 

fi nd er fo 

cus in 

di ca tor can be used to con 

fi rm  focus 

(electronic range fi nd ing), but photographs can be taken at any time, 
wheth er or not camera is in focus.


Man u al

Choosing single-servo AF ensures a sharp, focused image.  Continuous-servo 
AF may be a better choice with erratically-moving subjects.  Man u al fo cus is 
rec om mend ed when the cam era is unable to focus using autofocus.