Sensitivity ISO Equivalency


Taking Photographs—Sensitivity (ISO Equivalency)

“Sensitivity” is the digital equivalent of fi lm speed.  The higher the sensitivity, 
the less light needed to make an exposure, allowing higher shutter speeds 
or smaller apertures.

Sensitivity can be set between values roughly equivalent to ISO 200 and ISO 
1600 in steps equivalent to 




 EV.  Settings of HI-1  and  HI-2  (respectively 

1 EV and 2 EV over ISO 1600) are avail able where high sensitivity is a priority.  
Sensitivity can be adjusted using the ISO option in the shooting menu or by 
pressing the ISO button and rotating the main command dial.

The ISO Menu


 Highlight ISO in the shooting menu (


and press the multi selector to the right.

Sensitivity (ISO Equivalency)

Reacting Faster to Light


 High light the de 

sired op 

tion and press the 

multi se lec tor to the right.  The shooting menu 
will be displayed.

The ISO Button
Sensitivity can also be set by pressing the ISO 
button and rotating the main command dial. 


Sensitivity is displayed in the control panels and 
viewfi nder sidebar:

Top control panel

Viewfi nder

Rear control panel


Viewfi nder display