Caring for the Camera and Battery


Do not drop
The product may malfunction if sub ject ed to 
strong shocks or vi bra tion.

Keep dry
This product is not waterproof, and may 
mal func tion if im mersed in wa ter or ex posed 
to high levels of hu mid i ty.  Rust ing of the 
in ter nal mech 

a nism can cause ir 

rep a ra ble 

dam age.

Avoid sudden changes in tem per a ture
Sud den chang es in tem per a ture, such as oc-
 cur when en ter ing or leav ing a heat ed build-
 ing on a cold day, can cause con den sa tion 
in side the de vice.  To prevent con den sa tion, 
place the device in a car ry ing case or a plas tic 
bag be fore ex pos ing it to sud den chang es in 
tem per a ture.

Keep away from strong mag net ic fi elds
Do not use or store this device in the vi cin i ty 
of equip 

ment that gen 

er ates strong elec-

 tro mag net ic radiation or mag 

net ic fi elds.  

Strong static charg es or the mag net ic fi elds 
pro duced by equip ment such as radio trans-
 mit ters could in 

ter fere with the monitor, 

dam age data stored on the mem o ry card, or 
affect the prod uct’s in ter nal cir cuit ry.

Do not point the lens at strong light sources 
for extended periods
Avoid pointing the lens at the sun or other 
strong light sources for extended periods 
when using or storing the camera.  Intense 
light may cause deterioration in the image 
sensor, producing a white blur effect in 

Do not touch the shutter curtain
The shutter curtain is extremely thin and 
easily damaged.  Under no cir 

cum stanc es 

should you exert pres 

sure on the curtain, 

poke it with clean ing tools, or sub ject it to 
powerful air cur rents from a blow er.  These 
actions could scratch, de 

form, or tear the 


Handle all mov ing parts with care
Do not ap ply force to the bat tery-cham ber, 
card-slot, or con nec tor cov ers.  These parts 
are es pe cial ly sus cep ti ble to dam age.

• When cleaning the camera body, use a 

blow er to remove dust and lint, then wipe 
gently with a soft, dry cloth.  After using 
your camera at the beach or seaside, wipe 
off any sand or salt using a cloth lightly 
damp ened with pure water and then dry 
your camera thoroughly.  In rare in stanc es, 
static electricity produced by a brush or 
cloth may cause the LCD dis plays to light 
up or dark en.  This does not in di cate a 
malfunction, and the dis 

play will shortly 

return to normal.

• When cleaning the lens and mirror, re-

 mem ber that these elements are easily 
dam aged.  Dust and lint should be gen tly 
removed with a blower.  When using an 
aerosol blower, keep the can vertical (tilt-
ing the can could result in liquid be 


sprayed on the mir ror).  If you do get a 
fi ngerprint or other stain on the lens, ap-
ply a small amount of lens cleaner to a soft 
cloth and wipe the lens carefully.

• See “Technical Notes: Caring for Your 

Cam era” for information on cleaning the 
low-pass fi lter (


• To prevent mold or mildew, store the cam-

 era in a dry, well-ven ti lat ed area.  If you 
will not be us ing the prod uct for long pe-
 ri ods, re move the bat tery to pre vent leak-
 age and store the cam era in a plastic bag 
con tain ing a des ic cant.  Do not, how ev er, 
store the cam era case in a plas tic bag, as 
this may cause the ma te ri al to de te ri o rate.  
Note that des ic cant grad u al ly los es its ca-
 pac i ty to ab sorb mois ture and should be 
re placed at reg u lar in ter vals.

Caring for the Camera and Battery