Using Camera Menus


Taking Photographs—Using Camera Menus

The next four sections involve settings that can be 
accessed via the camera menus.  To view the menus, 
turn the camera on and press the 


Choosing a Menu

There are fi ve main menus: the playback menu, 
the shooting menu, the Custom Settings menu, 
the setup menu, and Recent Settings.  When the 
menu button is pressed, the camera displays the 
last menu used.  To select a different menu:

Position cursor in selected menu.


If menu item is highlighted, press 



Select menu.


Using Camera Menus

Basic Menu Operations

 Recent Settings

The Recent Settings ( ) menu lists the eight most 
recently selected items in the shooting and Custom 
Settings menus.  Items can be selected in the Recent 
Settings menu as described on the following page.  Use 
this menu to access frequently-used options.


For help on menu options, press the 

 button.  A de-

scription of the currently selected option or menu will 
be displayed.  Press the multi selector up or down to 
scroll the display.