Basic Playback


Tutorial—Basic Playback

Basic Playback

Viewing Photographs

To play photographs back, press the   button.  The most recent pho to graph 
will be dis played in the mon i tor.

Viewing Additional Photographs
To page through photographs in the order recorded, press the multi selector 
down.  Press the multi selector up to view photographs in reverse order.  To 
scroll rapidly through the images on the memory card, press and hold the up 
or down buttons on the multi selector.

When the last photograph on the memory card is displayed, you can return 
to the fi rst photograph by pressing the multi selector down.  When the fi rst 
photograph in memory is displayed, you can view the last photograph by 
pressing the multi selector up.

Deleting Unwanted Photographs
To  delete the pho 

to graph cur 

rent ly 

dis played in the monitor, press the   
button.  A confi rmation dialog will be 
dis played.  Press the    button again 
to de 

lete the image and re 

turn to 

play back.  To exit without de let ing the 
picture, press the multi selector left or 

Take Additional Photographs
To end playback and return to shooting mode, press the   button or press 
the shutter-release but ton halfway.

 Delete (


To delete multiple images, use the Delete option in the playback menu.