How to Read This Manual


Then read “Overview” and “Getting to Know the 
Camera” to acquaint your self with the con ven tions 
used in this man u al and the names of cam era parts, 
then set up the cam era as de scribed in “First Steps.”

How to Read This Manual


First, be aware of the warnings, cautions, and notices on pages ii–vii.

Once you have mastered the basics of dig i tal pho-
tography, you can read these sections for complete 
in for ma tion on when and how to use camera 

Now you are ready to take photographs and play 
them back.

First Steps

Getting to Know the Camera

Basic Photography

Basic Playback


Choosing a Shooting Mode



Flash Photography

Image Adjustment

White Balance

Sensitivity (ISO Equivalency)

Image Quality and Size

…and on ac ces so ries and trou ble shoot ing.

…on connecting to a com put er, printer, or TV…

…on recording and playing voice memos…

Refer to these chapters for more on playback…

…on cam era menus and cus tom settings…

Menu Guide


Technical Notes

More About Playback

Voice Memos

Self-Timer Mode

Interval Timer Photography

Non-CPU Lenses

Two-Button Reset

Using a GPS Unit