Television Playback



elevision Playback

Television Playback

Connecting the Camera to a Video Device

 Use an AC Adapter

Use of an EH-6 AC adapter (available separately) is recommended for extended play-
back.  When the EH-6 is connected, the camera monitor-off delay will be fi xed at ten 
minutes and the exposure meters will no longer turn off automatically.

 Video Mode (


Be sure that the video standard matches the standard used in the video device.  Note 
that resolution will drop when images are output on a PAL device.

 Audio Output (


Set Via VIDEO OUT to play back or record voice memos on the video device.

The supplied EG-D2 audio  /  video (A  /  V) cable can be used to connect the 
D2Hs to a tele vi sion or VCR for playback or recording.


 Turn the camera off.

 The EG-D2

Turn the camera off before connecting or dis-
connecting the EG-D2.


 Open the cover protecting the A/V-out and 

DC-in connectors.

A/V out

DC in


 Connect the EG-D2.  Insert the black plug to the camera A  /  V-out connec-

tor.  Connect the yellow plug to the video-in jack on the television or VCR 
and the white plug to the audio-in jack.

Connect to 


Connect to 

video device





 Tune the television to the video channel.


 Turn the camera on.  During playback, images will be displayed on the 

television screen or recorded to video tape; the camera monitor will re-
main off.  Note that the television may not be able to display the entire 
image when pictures are played back.