Flash Photography


Taking Photographs—Flash Photography

The D2Hs supports fl ash photography when an optional Speedlight is 
mounted on the camera’s accessory shoe.  A fl ash can be used not only when 
natural lighting is inadequate, but also to fi ll in shadows, illuminate back-lit 
subjects, and even to add a catch light to the eyes of a portrait subject.

When used with an SB-800 or SB-600 Speedlight (available separately; 


237), the D2Hs supports the full range of options available with the Nikon 
Creative Lighting System (CLS), including Advanced Wireless Lighting, i-TTL 
fl ash control (

 105), FV Lock (

 112), Flash Color Information Communica-

tion (

 52), and Auto FP High-Speed Sync.  See the Speedlight manual for 


Flash Photography

Using Optional Speedlights

 Modeling Illumination

SB-800 and SB-600 Speedlights emit a modeling fl ash when the camera depth-of-fi eld 
preview button is pressed.  This feature can be used with Advanced Wireless Lighting 
to preview the total lighting effect achieved with multiple fl ash units.  Modeling illumi-
nation can be turned off using Custom Setting e4 (Modeling fl ash;