Observe due precaution when handling batteries
Batteries may leak or explode if improperly handled.  Observe the following precautions when
handling batteries for use in this product:
• Be sure the product is off before inserting or removing the battery.  If you are using an AC

adapter, be sure it is unplugged.

• Foreign substances on the battery terminals—for example, sweat or oil—may cause an

interruption in current.  Before installing the battery, clean it thoroughly with a soft, dry cloth.

• When the product is used on batter y power for an extended period, the battery may

become hot.  Due caution should be observed when removing the battery.

• Use only batteries approved for use in this equipment.
• Do not expose the battery to flame or to excessive heat or moisture.  Do not short-circuit

or disassemble the battery.

Use appropriate cables
When connecting cables to the input and output jacks, use only the cables provided or sold by
Nikon for the purpose, to maintain compliance with product regulations.

Keep out of reach of children
Particular care should be taken to prevent infants from putting batteries or other small parts
into their mouths.

Removing memory cards
Memory cards may become hot during use.  Observe due caution when removing memory
cards from the camera.

The CD-ROMs on which the software and manuals are distributed should not be played back
on audio CD equipment.  Playing CD-ROMs on an audio CD player could cause hearing loss or
damage the equipment.

Observe caution when operating the flash
Using a flash in close proximity to the eyes of a human or animal subject could cause perma-
nent visual impairment.  Particular care should be observed when photographing infants, when
the flash should be no less than one meter (39˝) from the subject.

Avoid contact with liquid crystal
Should the monitor break, care should be taken to avoid injury due to broken glass and to
prevent liquid crystal from the monitor touching the skin or entering the eyes or mouth.