Product Documentation

Thank you for your purchase of a COOLPIX 990 digital cam-

era.  The documentation for this product includes the manuals

listed below.  Please be sure to read all instructions thoroughly

to get the most from your camera.

Fast Track Guide/For Your Safety

In addition to taking first time users step-by-step through

the process of setting up and using the camera, the printed

Fast Track  Guide gives a quick overview of camera settings.

For Your  Safety, printed on the reverse of the Fast Track  Guide,

lists warnings and cautions that should be observed when

using and storing your camera, together with legal informa-

tion.  Please keep this document where all those who use

the camera will read it.

Menu Guide

This printed guide provides an overview of the camera’s


Guide to Digital Photography

The Guide to Digital Photography (this manual, available in both

electronic and printed formats) provides detailed informa-

tion about your camera.  The electronic edition features

clickable links not available in the printed guide; otherwise

the contents of the two manuals are identical.  Both are

divided into the following chapters:

First Steps

Guides you step-by-step through the process of setting up

your camera and taking your first photograph

Basic Photography

Introduces the shooting options available in A-REC mode, a

“point-and-shoot” mode that gives you control over flash,

focus, and image quality settings, while the camera auto-

matically adjusts other settings for the best results

Advanced Photography

Details the shooting options available in M-REC mode, an

advanced shooting mode that gives you complete control

over camera settings


Explains how to view and delete the photographs stored in

the camera’s memory

Camera Setup

Details the options available in the SET-UP menus


Describes how to connect your camera to a television or


Technical Notes

Provides information on caring for your camera, camera

accessories, specifications, and troubleshooting

oduct Documentation