Utilizing Images


Connecting the Camera to a TV, Printer, or Computer

Utilizing Images

In addition to using the SnapBridge app (

Aiii) to enjoy the captured images, you can 

also utilize the images in various ways by connecting the camera to the devices 
described below.


Notes About Connecting Cables to the Camera 

• Make sure to turn the camera off before connecting or disconnecting cables. Check the shape 

and direction of the plugs and do not insert or remove the plugs at an angle.

• Make sure that the camera battery is sufficiently charged. If the EH-62G AC Adapter 

(available separately) is used, this camera can be powered from an electrical outlet. Do 
not, under any circumstances, use an AC adapter other than the EH-62G. Failure to 
observe this precaution could result in overheating or damage to the camera.

• For information about the connection methods and subsequent operations, refer to the 

documentation included with the device in addition to this document.

Utilizing Images

Viewing Images on a TV

Images and movies captured with the camera can be viewed on a TV.
Connection method: Connect the video and audio plugs of an 
optional audio video cable to the TV’s input jacks.

Printing Images Without Using a Computer

If you connect the camera to a PictBridge-compatible printer, you can 
print images without using a computer.
Connection method: Connect the camera directly to the printer’s USB 
port with the USB cable.

Transferring Images to a Computer (ViewNX-i)

You can transfer images and movies to a computer for viewing and 
Connection method: Connect the camera to the computer’s USB port 
with the USB cable.

• Before connecting to a computer, install ViewNX-i on the 


Open the connector 


Insert the plug.

USB/audio/video output